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How to Keep Your Pet Happy While You're at Work - The Human Employee
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How to Keep Your Pet Happy While You’re at Work

How to Keep Your Pet Happy While You’re at Work

Being a fur baby parent is not always easy. Especially, if you work crazy hours. If you are anything like me, nearly half of that time is spent worrying about your lonely fur baby at home. Fortunately, there are a few ways to keep your baby busy while you make a living for both of you.

While some pets don’t mind their own company, others may seek the companionship of their favorite human. It’s important to realize that not all pets are created equal. Some pets often suffer especially if their owners work a long schedule.

But this does not have to be the case for your pet friend. There are ways you can still keep your pet happy even when you have to leave them at home for a long while.

Here are some tips we promised you to help keep your canine love busy.



1. Give them a Lots of Fresh Air

Do not leave your sweetie locked in the house when you have a backyard.

Let them go out to enjoy the fresh air and sun while you are away.

Dogs love exploring new sites and smells and your back compound provides plenty of that.

The sound of cars and people passing by will keep his senses preoccupied until you come back.

Install a freedom door to give your pet easy access to the backyard. But if you have flowers or herbs planted back there, minimize your pet’s movement to the horticultural section.

2. Turn on The Television

Leave the television on to entertain your pet; especially dogs and parakeets.

If they hear voices coming from the tv, they feel more at ease because there are people around.

However, some pets are too smart to fall for this trick. For such pets, getting them lots of toys makes more sense.

3. Load Them up With Fun Toys

Various kinds of toys can keep your little one busy. My personal favorite is the squeaky one. It keeps my little one busy for hours.

Another good one is a pet treat dispenser. Some treat dispensers come with an HD camera and Wi-Fi connectivity.

You can watch your pet’s well-being on your phone and dispense a treat to them when they get lonely.

Other treat dispensers have audio features that you calm your pet with your own voice.

Pet Friends

4. Get Them A Buddy

How else can you keep an overly excited pet busy than to get them a buddy that matches their energy?

Cats and dogs thrive better (when left alone) when there is a fellow pet to keep them company.

Your two pets get to do everything together while you are away. They can play, eat and drink from the same bowl, goof around, or watch TV.

5. Hire a Certified/Back ground Check Pet Sitter

Another great alternative is getting someone else to watch over your pet while you are away.

If financially feasible, consider hiring a professional pet sitter with broad experience in handling various types of pets. If they are experienced with your breed of pet even better.

Some dogs are too smart to fall for the talking treat dispenser trick. They crave real human interaction and affection.

A babysitter will offer companionship to your pet and maintain their day time routines on your behalf.

Get a pet sitter who is passionate about animals and cares about their welfare.

In Conclusion

In the end, all your pet needs is some form of distraction to prevent them from worrying about your absence.

Let them watch TV or go out to play. Think about adding a second pet, shower them with toys or even hire a sitter. It’s your choice.

What other methods do you use to keep your pet busy at home while you are working?


A resident of Kenya. Issac enjoys writing quality emotional content that make people smile. He is also a photographer.

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