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How Doing Things The Easy Way Can Be Hard Work: Life Lesson #1 - The Human Employee
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How Doing Things The Easy Way Can Be Hard Work: Life Lesson #1

How Doing Things The Easy Way Can Be Hard Work: Life Lesson #1

Quick and easy, is long and hard! My father would say that particular phrase to me every time I wanted to cut corners on chores or whenever I slacked off on an assignment.
I didn’t understand what he meant until I had to deal with the consequence of those cuts. That was one of many life lessons I had to endure. You see, my father was a “perfectionist” he believed that every job should be done with great attention to details and high standards.
If you did anything half-heartedly he would immediately call you back to complete the task the right way.
I was only ten, so I thought “good enough” was… well, good enough. I had no clue that doing subpar work meant, leaving it for others to do right or just leaving it in poor shape.
Nor, did I think about how others would feel about or view my work efforts. Not to mention, I would have to repeat the process several times until I got it right. Ergo, the long and hard part.

It took time, but I learned

Needless to say, it took many hard lessons, but I learned. And as I grew older, I began to develop those same traits for myself.

I even found myself repeating that same phrase to my children, especially whenever I’d see them slacking. It has become a way of life for me. If you know me at all, then you know this, I will always give 150% to anything I do. It is a part of me for life and who I am by “learned nature.”

I discovered that just because you learn something new, it doesn’t mean that it is not part of your intrinsic nature. Learned behaviors can also become learned human nature.

What’s most important is we should all remember that quality of service and high standards are not dinosaurs of the past. It is our way of showcasing our very best. It is also a quality many admire and still look for in humans. Can you imagine that?

To always give your best, do your best, and be your best, no matter the situation. That is what we should all strive to achieve. I believe there is no greater way to serve others than by giving our all. That is my life lesson number one. I look forward to sharing many more with you in this short story series.



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Tamiko Williams

Tamiko is a Certified Mindset Transformation Coach, the CEO and managing member of Averette Technologies LLC, and the founder of The Human Employee who possesses over 20 years’ experience in business management, customer-oriented relationships, technology, and coaching. She holds two degrees in both business and development along with a master’s degree in computer science. She has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their dreams.

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