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Parenting From Work: 4 Steps to Keep Your Job and Your Boss Happy - The Human Employee Blog
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Parenting From Work: 4 Steps to Keep Your Job and Your Boss Happy

Parenting From Work: 4 Steps to Keep Your Job and Your Boss Happy

If you Read one article about Parenting from Work…READ THIS ONE!

It’s the top of the week, you just finished your morning choice of beverage as you finish up notes for a team meeting for a deadline on a major project in the next hour.

As a guardian, caregiver, parent or emergency contact, Most of us understand the sinking feeling when your phone rings. You look. It’s the school phone number.

school bus

A zillion thoughts go through your head as you prepare to answer, especially if receiving that call is a rare occurrence. 

With so many incidents of school shootings, bus accidents, in some cases you may just quickly close your eyes and send a hope, wish and prayer it is only a scraped knee, headache, stomach ache, just something you can take the child to the doctor to get fixed.

In other cases, some of you already know what it is because it happens quite often, sometimes daily and all you want to do when you pick up the phone is say QUIT calling me about my child!

The voice on the other end says “Hi, This is the school and we need you to come to pick up your child.

Yes, the teacher experienced quite an outburst today as well as refusing to complete an assignment.  Your child became truly inconsolable and uncontrollable and has been removed from the classroom”.

Now you have a dilemma.  This current situation is now affecting your job.

the human employee

Here are 4 Steps to Keep Your Job and Your Boss Happy

Step 1.

Build an Alliance with the School. Ask to speak to the child and see if you can calm them down over the phone, then negotiate or plead with the school to see if they can stay for the remainder of the day. 

You may have to request a meeting so the school can see you are willing to work with them.  Teachers and Administration usually will work with you if it appears you are trying to rectify the problem. 

They may have services they can refer to help you deal with the underlining issues with the child. If successful you can stay for your meeting and finish your regular work day.

Step 2.

Call for backup. If you have a support system (spouse, significant other, relative, or friend) ask if they will go to the school for you. 

Your support system may not be able to address the actual issue but at least you have someone to care for your child until you’re able to leave work.

This lessens a load of stress, at least for the moment, but if you don’t have those options you must explore other options.

parenting at work

Step 3.

Be honest and communicate.  Explain the situation to your boss and let them know the school is asking for you to pick up your child.

Your boss may be understanding and allow you to leave without consequence if this hasn’t happened before but if it becomes a common occurrence you may be putting your livelihood and everything attached to it on the line. 

Remember your boss has a job to do policies to enforce. They still have to answer to someone as well as find a replacement to carry the slack if you are not there. 

So, if you must leave you risk disciplinary action for missing the meeting to address your child’s emotional and/or behavioral problems even if you think you and your boss are cool.

Step 4.

Seek help. All behavior informs you something. 

No matter if it’s getting advice from a friend, a support group for parenting or implementing ideas on how to balance work and personal life; it’s a start to recognizing and understanding your child’s habits before they grow beyond control and leave you jobless.


Sanah Bittaye-Mitchell

Sanah is the CEO of an Information Technology company, with experience managing global teams and multi-million-dollar projects. Her background in business strategy, customer-oriented solutions, and staff management emphasize her mindful but competitive approach. Sanah is fueled by her passion for understanding the nuances of cross-functional processes and operations. She considers herself a ‘lifelong student,’ eager to both build on her academic foundations in business and technology and stay in tune with the latest processes and strategies through continued training and personal development.

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