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Effective Time Management for the Busy Manager: 5 tips to get you started
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5 Time Management Tips That Actual Work

5 Time Management Tips That Actual Work

For Managers & Entrepreneurs

Managing time as an entrepreneur can be tricky. Especially when you are the boss, employee, accountant, salesperson, and so on.

In most cases, entrepreneurs or even managers are often tied down with bulky workloads, kids, clients, and life throughout their day and can sometimes fail to manage their time wisely.

A successfully executed time management plan signals the completion of tasks in an appropriate time frame making your day go a lot smoother.

Managers and entrepreneurs play a large role in the daily operations of their business. It is both necessary and pivotal that they acquires the skills of proper time management.

Without these skills your work day can end in chaos to say the least. Unfortunately, that is the case for many new managers and entrepreneurs.

Priority shift, uncompleted tasks, and unexpected demands during the working days can reek havoc on your schedule.

I have spent many a days wondering where the time went. Especially, when I look down and see nothing from my to-do list done.

When I have days like that, I find it the most frustrating in my career. I feel a complete lack of achievement and a little like a failure.

It normally takes me the entire night to get over it. And that is only because I would promise myself that I’d be more productive tomorrow.

Only problem was tomorrow came with its own set of problems that farther dragged me behind. I knew I had to change things if I was ever going to accomplish anything and I did.


How to manage your time

Here are some of the time management tricks I used to get me back on track. These tips work well and will help you manage your business and time with ease. No more incomplete to-do list or feelings of shame.

time management tips


It is common for people to lose focus when planning their time effectively. This is because many of us think it’s a waste of time to plan ahead.

I know planning out your day or hours can be boring, but trust me, it is very important.

Doing this will bring a massive turn around in your day and your productivity. It is also good to navigate around unexpected events that may show up during your day.

So, the night before your business day begins start planning it out.

Visualize performing the task one by one. Set mental time notes on how long it should take to complete each task.

By doing this you will be able to prejudge which tasks can be completed the fastest.  Prioritize those tasks first, then move to the harder assignments last. Or you can sprinkle a few easy stuff in with the hard things just to keep the day interesting.

It’s your choice. Just plan for it!




 Lists enable you to lay down a plan of attack. How you will go about handling your workload and priorities. Making it a daily routine is another way to make it more efficient.

After planning, take some time to write down your thoughts. Remember to add the time it takes to complete the task.

Prioritize the list by what is most important at that time and work your way down to least importance.

Keep detailed notes of how well you performed each and the time it took for future reference. This is especially helpful for repetitive task.

After a few weeks, your days will become smoother as you settle into your new routine.

man and watch


To truly effectively  manage your time it requires a great deal of focus.

That means removing all possible distractions.

Close the doors, turn off radios/tv, or simply let everyone know not to disturb you for a short while.

Once you have gained control over your outer environment, begin to focus on that list. One task at a time, doing each task with full focus and commitment to excellence.

By doing this, your mind shifts from an overwhelming workload to an easily managing workload.

email computer


Manager’s and entrepreneur’s email box can become full really fast. That is why it is important to add managing your box into the equation. Your mail inbox can affect a change in your time management plan.

During your day floods of email emergencies can take priority over your to-do list, thereby destroying your progress.  Don’t panic.

Treat email request like an addition of your list. This can be done by setting aside a certain amount of time daily for checking and replying to emails.

Prioritizing them the same according to importance. Respond to the less important email within a good time frame. Handling the high priority emails right away. 

When you build checking your emails into your daily plan. You advert major time consuming crisis from eating away at your time.

Make sure to check often to weed out urgent emails.

women with computer


And the last tip.

Even when you lag behind in time, never lose confidence.  Loss of confidence could affect your performance. This will, in turn, affects other business.

In order to be the boss of your day you need to be confident you can do it. The moment doubt creeps in you are done. That’s because doubt leads to you questioning yourself, “can I get it done in time, I never finish at this rate” and so on.

So, remain positive and confident.

Nothing is ever gained through panic.Take some time to develop your own time management style.

Remember, it is always at your comfort level. So, make every moment count (literally) and plan, plan, plan.



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