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Learn 6 Steps: Better Productivity and Stronger Focus
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Learn 6 Steps: Better Productivity and Stronger Focus

Learn 6 Steps: Better Productivity and Stronger Focus

Productivity can be hard to muster sometimes, especially when there are looming deadlines and lurking bosses. It is during those times when the proverbial crap is about to hit the fan that you need to stay focused the most. So, why is it so hard? Well, if you are anything like me, you’ve probably taken several trips to the break room or multiple bathroom breaks. All in an attempt to gain the momentum needed to finish your task. Finding willpower to fight the mid-morning blues can be difficult. No fear, here are 6 easy steps to help you crush it like a boss.


Step 1. Make a list. Before hitting the sheets, write out any tasks or goals you may have for the following day. Creating a to-do list in advance sets you up for success and increases work productivity. You’ll also have better focus while completing those tasks without hesitation. So, get writing and watch out for your thunder.

Step 2. Prioritize your list. Read carefully through your list and place the most urgent things at the forefront. Things such as deadline-sensitive projects or contacting clients to alert them to changes. Whatever is the most pressing should be the highest on your list. So, if you have to, rewrite your list to accommodate priority or deadlines first. Then, get cracking.

Step 3. Choose your task and stick with it. Focus all your attention on your highest priority task, and not on multitasking. Now don’t get me wrong, multitasking is great, but it’s not always productive. So, do yourself a favor, pick only one and finish it. Place all of your attention on that one task and do it to the best of your ability. Making sure to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. Once you’ve finished, move on to the next one. Now you’re getting things done!

Step 4. Take 15 minutes of “you” time. Yup, you heard me right. Before getting right to work. Relax. Of course, that’s only if your job permits. How may you ask? Well, it’s really up to you. There are many hows, like grabbing a cup of joe or meditating. But what’s most important is not the hows, it’s the why.Mentally preparing yourself for the day’s task is crucial. Like an athlete preparing himself for the big game. It sets you on the right path to conquer any obstacle you may incur. So take time.

Talk it out. If you get stuck on a task or if you are unsure how to complete it, talk it out. Find a co-worker that is willing to brainstorm with you. Sometimes two minds are better than one. So get out there and pick someone brain. Often you will find that they may spark an idea in you or give you one. Either way, they’ll help you move past your rut and on to completing your task.

Lastly, count your minutes. Yeah, I said it. Always remember you are on someone else’s clock and not  your own. So count up. Being productive means making good use of every minute of the day.Be alert as to how long each task takes and then find a more efficient way to perform that task. Making good use of your time will not only impress yourself, but it will also win you huge brownie points with the boss.


Tamiko Williams

Tamiko is a Certified Mindset Transformation Coach, the CEO and managing member of Averette Technologies LLC, and the founder of The Human Employee who possesses over 20 years’ experience in business management, customer-oriented relationships, technology, and coaching. She holds two degrees in both business and development along with a master’s degree in computer science. She has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their dreams.

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