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Business Coaching Leadership book| Guide to Managing Humans
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Our mission is to create passionate leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs.

The Effective Management of the Human Employee is for leaders, managers, CEO, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who desires to improve their leadership and social skills. It is a unique approach to leadership training that provides comprehensive step-by-step instructions to help you achieve your goals.

With each chapter you read, you will go on an amazing journey of self-discovery from learning about various employee characteristic to learning more about yourself. It’s all inside. The journey will transform and renew.

What you’ll discover on your journey is how to;

  • Redirect and Eliminate Conflicts.
  • Renew Employee Trust.
  • Lower Employee Turnover.
  • Increase Productivity.
  • Develop a Stronger Management Style.
  • Gain Respect and Admiration.
  • Build Dynamic and Creative Teams.
  • Improved Moral Values such as; Integrity, Honesty, Fairness, Accountability, and Authenticity.
  • Learn to Become a Coach and Mentor to Your Employees.

And you’ll learn all this while building and strengthening new core beliefs and values with calls to action and strategizing worksheets.

There has never been a greater need for “The Effective Management of the Human Employee.”


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you make the difference

life coaching

Business & Mindset Coaching

Private coaching sessions designed to guide and develop your business, money, life, or leadership style. We take the time to get to know you and your needs before developing a customized program specifically suited to you.

The goal is to create an environment that enables you to reach your greatest potential. Click below to book your free 30-minute discovery session, and we’ll help awaken your passion and transform your life.

Leadership training and development

E Training Courses

We are working hard to prepare to launch our HE training courses that will accompany our new book. This training will assist in developing your leadership-mindset and developing core values.

HE Training provides powerful tools and strategies that will catapult your leadership style to the next level. We’ll even customize your HE training to fit your business’s core beliefs & principles. Subscribe today for updates, news, & more.


Our Workshops

Prepare to transform the way you see management and leadership with our team building and leadership workshops. We will inspire and encourage your managers and their teams to become their very best.

We accomplish this by incorporating our books’ fundamental principles like, “Building a Better You” and “Let’ Get Naked” within our leadership training, creating workshops that deliver humor, role-playing activities, & what-if scenarios.

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